10 storage ideas for your home

When it comes to storage, most households can never get enough. Here are 20 ideas to achieve maximum storage in your home. Some of these, you may already know but stay tuned in case you learn a thing or two. We'll discuss the basics of what you most likely already have at home as well as adding in a few extras


Bookshelves come in a variety of sizes and types.

You can opt for the traditional type or go for a slimmer fit to save more space but still adding in some storage space. Whilst putting your books on the shelf, try to group your books by genre and size. That way  you can also stack books horizontally ontop of your row of books


Most households  have a pantry for storage already.  Think of the first place you'd run to in a zombie apocalypse. Where all the food is stored right? What we'd like to emphasize is how to properly utilize the space in your food closet.

3 Top Tips

  1. Use as much shelving as possible
  2. Store things in jars rather than tying up the original packet so you can stack and store easier
  3. Label. Everything

3. Floating Shelf

If a bookself isn't your thing, floating shelves are always a good go-to if you have free wall space, as they can add storage and decor to your space. Use floating shelves to showcase your most loved house plant, your favorite photos or souvenirs you've collected over the years. Floating shelves are also great as bookshelves if you have bigger and taller books. Though you must always be careful and have a book end to stop your books from toppling over. Check our bookends out on amazon: http://bit.ly/cinminproducts


Similar to a pantry but is located on top of the counter tops. Utilize the space in your cupboards by adding in hooks for the mugs,  either inside the cupboard or the space below.


Ottomans, or footrests aren't used much in this days which is a shame, though if you do happen to have an old one lying around why not DIY some more storage space into it. Most solid ones are usually hollow inside, new upholstery means you can revamp it for more storage space.

6. Chest

Remember the Harry Potter movies when the characters hauled around big chests? Why not add one to the foot of the bed for storage. Have one near the window to double as a window chair could also work. à¸œà¸¥à¸à¸²à¸£à¸„้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ window seat chest

7.Umbrella Stand

If you live in a country or area that rains a lot, having a umbrella stand is a life saver. No more running around trying to find where the umbrellas are stored! Some umbrella stands also come with a coat hanger!

8. Hooks

Its a basic but a must, hooks can go anywhere! Behind the door, below a shelf, on the side of your desk or on the wall. Any hard vertical surface, you can mount a hook and then hang anything up to keep it off the floor

  1. Hanging Baskets

Once you have your hooks in place, hanging baskets aren't only good for fruit or plants. You can use them to store toys, stationary, binbags you name it!

  1. Clothes rack

If your room is tight on space and you have a minimalist life with few clothing items anyway, a clothes rack might be the best bet.

Hope this sparks some inspiration for storage.