5 Creative and Simple Ways to Serve Dessert

We, as humans always eat with our eyes first. If it looks appealing it must taste good. Sometimes we all want to feel a little extra when we serve our sweets and desserts to really attract peoples appetites. Here are 5 ways to do so!

  1. Utilize sauces!

The easiest method would be to create a base, usually from a a sauce that matches well with the desert. The list goes on and on  but we reccomend, caramel, chocolate and strawberry as our top three picks.

Incredible dessert... chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, caramel popcorn, salted butter ice cream and caramel sauce.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="556"]Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Crunch and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe This recipe for chocolate brownie, caramel crunch and peanut butter ice cream is from Dan Doherty of Duck and Waffle. It's a decadent desert that's actually easy to make, so it's perfect for entertaining. Photocredit: https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/chef-recipes/chocolate-brownie-caramel-crunch-and-peanut-butter-ice-cream/[/caption]

Caramel goes well with everything sweet and adds a great contrast and depth to a dish.


2. Deconstruct the dessert

Our second trick is to deconstruct the dessert. Sounding a bit odd and similar to our next tip in showcasing the ingredients. Deconstructing the dish is laying out the different parts of the dessert.

Deconstructed Strawberry CheesecakeDeconstructed lemon meringue, blood orange sorbet, and crumble (Print Hall Bar and Dining Room)

3.  Laying out ingredients

Seen in food photography a lot, dishes are often taken with the ingredients. This concept can be used with plating and serving desserts as well. Take for instance,


The cake is cookie and cream, so why not serve a few cookies along with it? Have some cranberry oatmeal cookies? Serve some cranberries either fresh or dried a long side.

3. Similar to above, adding fruit to the side of your cake, ice cream or cookies adds some bright colors and makes the dish look more vibrant. Our top choices are berries, oranges and mint

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcake with orange slice on blue backgroundIce cream parfaits layered with fresh peaches and blueberries with a grown-up twist.

4. Though not as common there are many edible flowers out there.  Flowers can be easily grown in the kitchen on the window sill. Some great choices that give a great pop of color are:

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ edible flowers

5. Ingredients

Our last recommendation is to display the ingredients. Similar to deconstructing the dish, the difference is with the ingredients, you can't always see that it's incorporated into the recipe though you know its mixed into the food there somewhere. For example, a classic dessert, Tiramisu as most people know has amaretto or brandy.  Serve classic Tiramisu with a shot glass of Amaretto or brandy, if serving to adults of course. If with children then opt for a chocolate bar instead of coco powder because we all know pure coco powder by the teaspoon is never a good idea.