5 Ideas to decorate your walls using wood

We're all familiar with the concept of using wood for furniture or various items throughout the house but different types of wood can also be used to decorate your walls!


Where is it grown? Typically can be grown anywhere depending on the species of the bamboo but is more commonly grown in South East Asia

Bamboo is super versatile and can be used to make walls or decoration, put them in a criss-cross formation or line them up to create nifty designs for your walls.

2. Teak,

Where is it grown? Teak wood is grown mostly in South East Asia, countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and such.

As teak takes longer to grow, it isn't recommended to use them for the wall panels but carved out and used as a bed head board would work great! They are classic and last for the longest time

3. Oak

Where is it grown? Oak is grown most in cooler climates with North America currently with the highest number of species and largest distributor and China being second in line to that.

Oak trees aren't as scarce as teak trees with the actual tree being larger thus producing more wood. We recommend to tile oak panels in the main living room area to create a classy yet modern look.

4. Cherry

Where is it grown? Surprisingly, the most cherry trees are grown in Turkey followed by Italy and Spain


Cherry trees have a lovely tint and work great as outdoor separators from the garden to the patio or pool area to create some privacy


What is it? Now the term thatching, isn't necessarily a type of wood but rather a method of building a roof or a wall using dry vegetation

Using thatched roofs on outdoor gazebos are a great idea as they are cheap, last long and can be easily replaced yourself thus saving you even more money