Back to Basics: Bedroom Furniture

Now we all know that the number one priority piece of furniture in a bedroom is of course, a bed. But there are also a few other staple pieces to bring the room together.

  1. Start with the size of your bed
  • Singlebedroom furniture
  • Twin / Twin XL Bed
  • Queen Size Bed
  • King Size Bed
  • California King Bed

Depending on how much space you have or the size of bed that you prefer. Best thing to start with would be your mattress size.



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2. Adding in some personality.

Once you've chosen the size of bed its always good to add in some personality as well as storage or what could be called "Dump space" for you to put tomorrow's outfit or your bag on top.  You can do this with several pieces of furniture;

Top 3 bedroom staples to add in personality and/or storage to your room

  1. Bedroom Bench

Adding in a bedroom bench at the end of your bed, though takes up floor space

bed bench

can add in dumping space for your daily objects or to put your throw pillows on during the night.

2. Dresser

A dresser is a must to store your cosmetics/accessories and to check yourself out. If your room lacks a closet then a dresser is a great alternative to store your clothes and/or knick -knacks

3. Headboard

Now upon reading headboard, you must feel a little confusion. The thing that is above your pillow? Yes that thing. Instead of a standard wooden headboard or a cushioned one  try opting for one that has storage space to put your reading book on top of or your phone. That is if you run out of space with the bed side table