Back to Basics: Living Room Furniture

Sometimes we get so focused on the little things like color and fabric we forget about the basics. In this post we'll tell you all about the fundamental pieces of furniture you should have in your living room.

A lush armchair to get comfortable in whilst also keeping personal space. Adding in an ottoman, yes, the footrest has a name... also helps to add in some style and personality to the room as well as making it even easier to relax in.pouf


You could also add in a pouf. Similar to an ottoman but not quite. A pouf would be more like a padded and plush stool. You can sit on them as well as put your feet on top of them


Having an armchair wouldn't serve much purpose if you were to only sit on it to balance your laptop on your lap. A living room  needs a bookshelf to store all those novels and tales you have collected over the years. If you aren't much of a reader, a book shelf is always a good addition to a living room as it makes for extra storage.

Your only armchair might get a little lonely if it is on it's own, if you have the space better add in a sofa or couch in for friends and family to sit on. Personally I've always thought that a sofa and a couch were the same thing, and that it could be used interchangeably, which it can be. The difference tends to be between the brits and the americans but technically they both are big soft chairs that can have 2-3 people sitting on them or one lying down.


If you're not one for crowds then a loveseat will do just fine. before we go any further a catslove seat is a name for a type of couch/sofa. Typically for two people, like a couple. We'll just leave it at that. Some can recline like in the

fancycinema, like a lazy boy.


reclining loveseat


To pull the room together, center it with a coffee

table. To leave your daily nick-knacks on, the t'v remote or just to as the name says, your cup of coffee.