Bored of your usual flowers?

Looking to make your special someone or some one special feel pampered? Or maybe think a flower bouquet is too over the top in terms of prices, they dont even last very long right?

How about something that is just as beautiful that can last for months and months? Something that serves a double purpose, that can be a gift as well as a keepsake and even room decoration.

We're a huge fan of this product and would like to introduce to you carved hand soaps by Jittasil.  They are a small workshop located in the North of Thailand where the owner has been carving soaps for more than 20 years!  The reasons why carved soaps are so amazing are endless, bare with us whilst we try to convince you why!

20141014 Hex Batches group photo.jpg

For one, they look stunningly beautiful and the options are endless! Unlike real flowers, soap flowers have a set in stone price, they are available year round and by demand. Which ever flower you want, its available; when ever you want. With Mothers day season ongoing right now, carved soap is perfect for the number one woman in your life!

jitflower.jpg Online Store[/caption]

Each soap flower has a fragrant smell that can act as an freshener for your mantle, bathroom or coffee table. 

The packaging for these soaps is wonderful! yet another bonus for carved soap flowers!  

The choices really are endless! There is a variety in size, color, packaging. Truly a flower for every occasion!