Bring Thailand to You!

Dreamed of going to Thailand but can't afford it yet? Why not bring Thailand to you by adding a few pieces to your home!

Being a tropical country, Thailand centers around the forest. Most of the furniture in a Thailand is simple and made out of wood. Though, that being said, there is unique intricacy  in Thai patterns., lets start there

Thai fabric designs are usually repeated like damask, you can easily reupholster or create seat cushions for your patio swing or simple sofa pillows

If the classic Thai pattern doesnt fit your taste, another option would be to lean towards Thai Hill tribe patterns  that give off a more relaxed boho look and less oriental.

Speaking of pillows, in old Thailand and even today triangle pillows are extremely popular to sprawl yourself onto whilst watching t.v. or reading and are surprisingly comfortable.

Still within the lounging topic, Thailand is known for intricate wood carving. Add it into your bedroom with your bed headboard. Thai wooden carvings can also be mounted onto the walls as wall decor.Top off  your bedroom with a mosquito net draped from the ceiling not to fend off the mosquitoes but to add get the real tropical Thai vibe.

Moving on to the rest of the house. Elephants are the image of Thailand, add it into your house through the use elephant figurines or go an extra step and add it to your lighting.

Center your coffee table or dining table with an exquisite orchid plant, orchids may be pricey where you are located, fake orchids work just fine most of the time people can't tell they are fake!

Lastly, Thailand being a tropical country has a variety of beautiful flowers. Add a longlasting touch of Thailand by decorating your living room, bedroom, and bathroom with carved soap flowers/ Though make sure not to use them for bathing! Only for decoration

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