Don't leave your vanity in vain!

For most woman, waking up in the morning and going through the usual drill of getting dressed and putting on makeup can sometimes be hectic. With things splattered around and no organization whatsoever getting dressed can become a daunting task rather than a great time to have some me-time in the mornings to get ready for the day ahead


Here are 5 tips we recommend to keep your vanity in tip top organization to keep those mornings running smoothly!

  1. Separate  product categories

You don't want to mix up the toiletries with your makeup. Invest in clear makeup storage so that you can see easily see where things are and are aware of how much you really own as well. Worst thing you could do would be to buy multiple bottles of the same things and waste money as well as product!



2. Organize by size

If investing in clear makeup storage is too much hassle try keeping larger items in the back where they are still visible and smaller ideas in the front where they are easier to see.


3. Keep eye pencils, eye liners,  and mascara in utensil holders

Instead of having longer items rolling around in drawers, try using a utensil/pencil holder to keep them in one place.There are many you can buy or DIY yourself. A cup or that mug with a broken handle you just cant seem to get rid of works just fine too! Same works with hair brushes and makeup brushes too!


4. Separate brushes by size.

If you happen to have a makeup brush collection that goes further than 5, separate them by sizes. Big in one and smaller in another to put the smaller in. You'll be surprised by how much quicker you're able to find the exact brush your looking for to make the perfect cut crease!



5. Keep things that are used often on the surface

If you have a couple of things that don't fit into any set category, for example your favorite hair tie or your daily vitamins. Keep them right on the counter so they are easy to access and will also help you remember!

Keep your vanity and dressing area organized and your future morning you will thank you!

Till next time,