FDA Compliant, Food Grade and Food Safe

FDA compliant means more than just safe for food contact
In general, when a product is FDA compliant this means that it is a food grade material.

"Definition of food grade: materials used in equipment or manufacturing that are non-toxic and safe for consumption." 

Safe for consumption meaning it is safe to eat off of, not to eat the actual product.

Products that are FDA compliant for food safety are made of the correct type and quality of material that makes it safe for food to come in contact with; In that it will not carry diseases and microbes that once food touches, the food will then become contaminated from the surface of the product in which the disease was carried by .

To be completely FDA compliant, the consumer or customer of said product must also be certain that 

  • The material is used within the recommended safe temperature range

Meaning that it is not being used outside of the normal temperature range 

Example: Not using a wooden bowl on direct flames

  • The material is safe for the type of food that it is in contact with (fat percentage, acidity, moisture content and so on)

Meaning that the components of the food that are in contact with the product are within the recommendation 

Example: Not serving liquor shots lit on fire in a metal shot glass. 

  • The material will physically hold up to the environment it will be used in, including cleaning and sanitizing
Example: Not serving a 4 pound cake on thin silicon trays