Get rid of that boring hallway! 5 ways to spruce up any hallway

When thinking about home renovations or sprucing up, the hallways in the house are often most neglected. Its common to focus on bedrooms or the living room/ recreational areas but when you think about it, hallways are usually what people visiting your home see first. First impressions count now dont they? Why not focus on the little area between rooms to create a lasting great first impression.

Recently inspired by the bland and quite empty hallway at home, today's post will revolve around 5 ways to spruce up and make your hallway at home a little more interesting.

Modern Country Style: Swedish/French Style Victorian House Tour

1. Color. Simple as it is paint it! Hallways usually are quite narrow and small. Using brighter neutral colors will open up the room and create the effect that it is more spacious.

2. Switch up the lighting! If you happen to have a window near your hallway, lucky you! Most of us arent as lucky and have hallways that are quite dark and depend on light from other rooms shining in or depend fully on the lights above your head when you walk in. Not only is it depressing to walk into the house and have to turn on the lights everytime but its depressing when the electricity bill comes in! Using auto led lights that have motion sensors can create a warm,inviting ambience whilst also saving money!


Hall or Basement Lights. I love this! I hate walking through the house when it's dark.

3. A great alternative whilst also being more ecofriendly and a better way to save on electricity bills in the long run, is to invest in a new front door for the house. A little excessive I know but if you are able to get your hands on a sturdy front door with glass panels, you also use it as an opportunity to change the locks on the house, extra safety measure? Yes please. There are plenty of places that you can get your hands on a re-purposed door for cheaper prices

Features: -Disclaimer if it is bright inside and dark outside viewers may be able to see inside. -Filters light and reduces glare. -Great for shower doors, windows and cabinets. Product Type: -Win

4. If you already have lighting through the window near the entrance of the door, the end of the hallway or the glass panels in the door. You can change up the lighting by adding in some color to the glass. No need to go for expensive stained glass or if you can afford it go ahead! A great alternative and to save you some money is to use glass stickers that still let the sun shine through.

5. If all else fails find some space on the walls to add in some mirrors. The mirrors will reflect the light and also give the feel of a more spacious area. Easy as that!

Till next time!