Heres what you need to know about Gothic Interior Design

Upon hearing the word "Goth" many might think of Dracula's lair and Halloween or a brief period in their teenage years where all clothing was black. Although goth could be used to describe those mentioned above it is also a beautiful type of interior design.

1. What is Goth in interior design?

Gothic Interior is based on interior from the Victorian era which was later introduced in Cathedrals. The term Gothic is generally applied to medieval churches starting in the 12th century. Gothic churches were celebrations of light and incredible beauty, Identifiable through features such as stained glass windows, pointed arches, and ornate decorations on every surface.

2. Dark vibrant colors

Purples, blacks, browns, greens, and deep reds that dominate the color scheme of the room. These colors tend to be darker, encouraging the drama and seriousness of the room, but also rich and deep, giving it that sense of bold and grand. Think royalty. Most colors in which royalty would wear would fit into gothic interior design.


3. If not bold color then bold design

Gothic interior design mixes up bold colors with bold intricate designs. Like damask or brocade. These designs will be mostly found on wall pape, furniture, pillows, bedding, carpets or curtains

4. Lighting

Although Gothic decor uses mostly dark and deep colors and shades, lighting must contrast. With Gothic decor natural lighting is ever so important and is achieved through large tall floor to ceiling windows. Sometimes these windows may have the glass stained and sometimes left as is. Originally Lancet styles windows were used. These windows are tall, narrow and have arched tops surrounded by heavy moldings.

5. Accessories

As a final touch to go with rich deep colors and beautiful intricate designs on the walls and furniture. More emphasis is put onto the drama and seriousness with this type of interior design through the use of accessories; heavy wrought-iron, metal, wood, or stone. Lamps and chandeliers, iron candle-holders perhaps carvings of animals or even going as far as taxidermy animals. The choices are endless!