Leaving an impression at your restaurant

We've decided how to plan out the floor plan of your restaurant, now we need to decorate it. Here are a few tips and tricks to really bring out the personality of your place!

The Basics: Color, Light, Mirror

Starting with the basics, let's talk about color, light and the use of mirrors real quick. The way your place is painted can stimulate hunger or shift your guests mood through the subconscious. Interested in how color can shift your mood?  Read a little more on it here but basically there are a few colors that can really help boost the mood in you restaurant. Red and yellow help boost the appetite and  surprisingly brown too! Another basic that can really change the atmosphere of your restaurant is the lighting.

restaurant color

Choose lighting that is mainly overhead as to not get in the way and create an ambiance for your place.


If your space is smaller and you dont want guests to feel cramped, mirrors are your hero.


Mirrors will give the feel of a much larger space without actually costing the price of expanding.


Now that we've established the basics lets move into more creative areas.

1.  Create your own menu

Having a custom made menu can add character to your restaurant and be a fun snapshot for customers to feel like they are getting a unique experience.


 à¸œà¸¥à¸à¸²à¸£à¸„้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ restaurant menu

Photo Credits: Pepeton's Grill[/caption]


2. Focus on the Entry/ Shop Sign

You want to leave a first good impression. Make the entrance to your restaurant one to remember. Put good thought into the area around the entrance by putting thought into your " brand" what is it that you want people to remember you by apart from your delicious food? Is it that your restaurant is family owned? or is it the fact that you are the first to create a specific menu? Make sure to leave enough space so that people can get in a good selfie ( or ten) to help spread the word!

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ restaurant sign


3. Create your atmosphere

Adding on a little to the previous tip, you need to create a good atmosphere for those coming to wine and dine to not just take photos ( we'll talk a little more about that later) but to also just leave a good impression on the experience itself. We recommend making sure that everything syncs and in within theme of each other. You don't want to serve ramen out of a pasta soup bowl  and have the serving staff on rollerblades.. but that could be a whole theme in itself now couldn't it? Though opposites attract just keep in mind not to have too many opposites pulling away from each other



Plants can add to atmosphere to create a more soothing environment, plants can also be chosen depending on the type of theme your restaurant has



Is a great way to tell a story of your restaurant or to portray the history of how it begin. Typography can also just be a bunch of random words of what ingredients your restaurant uses  to act as artwork

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ restaurant typography


Now  rather than a DIY weekend project you did yourself invest in local talent and help the community! The artist will surely appreciate the help and you are certain to receive a one of a kind piece of art

Invest in local art. Whether it’s a full wall mural or regularly rotating pieces from neighborhood artists, you can showcase art that references the area and creates focal points that drive the conversation.

Hoping our short and easy tips help you with your restaurant decor!

Till next time,