Making a everlasting flower arrangement!

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Making a everlasting flower arrangement!

When it comes to home decor, people often think that it is way too much effort. Especially when it comes to flower arrangements.  We're here today to tell you that it is much more simpler than you may think. Less is always more, you just need to find the right balance.

Our top recommendation is dried flowers, the choices are endless!

Top choices for dried flowers:


Dried wheat can be easily obtained at your local farmers market,  many florists now sell is as an alternative for flowers for decoration because they are so easy to work with and last so long. Be careful when handling them though as they do sometimes shed a little bit and can cause a mess.

We love using dyed wheat as the colors stand out and there is essentially no upkeep.  Every once in a while, all you have to do is rearrange the colors  however you please to keep the arrangement looking fresh. As for skill? Zero skills need to be learnt or used, it doesn't matter how you throw the arrangement in the vase, it'll always look great!

The options are endless when it comes to using different types of grass, you can always find different types, DIY your own with the colors that you want and replace them at such a low cost!

We bet that looking out your window right now there is some sort of grass that you can easily dry out and dye to use instead of a  flower arrangement.


We understand that rice, may not be the easiest to get your hands onto, but it deserves a little shout out because of how beautiful it looks!


How to do it yourself:

It really is super simple. Not many think of trying it for them selves but we can guarentee that with a little tender love and care along with patience, you can aim for any grass, weed and color!

1. Pick out your selected weed or grass and go chop a few stalks off

2. Tie together and dry  hanging upside down to keep stalks straight, allow for a few days. We recommend to dry thoroughly  before dying in order to ensure that the color sticks on well and colors are nice and bright.

3.  Mix in dye, we recommend powdered fabric dye mixed in some water; then gently dip in the chosen grass. For this step, spray paint also works, though make sure to be careful with the spray paint as some wild grasses will fall apart when hit with the aerosol.

4. Hang up to dry and your done!


We love using dried grasses  in our vases to make the colors pop!


Our vases are a simple modernized yet elegant style, hand milled from mango wood by artisans in northern Thailand!

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