Rococo Interior Design

"Why is a dog like a tree? Because they both lose their bark once they're dead." An old Victorian joke, which is still quite humorous, dark, but still humorous. Jokes aside one thing that has stuck a little better than the humor of the 19th century is another type of interior design. Though really, more or less 18th century and a little bit before perhaps. The rococo era. The era in which interior design flourished and consisted of pretty pastels and lots of gold.

A little bit lost? Ever watched Marie Antoinette? The 2006  film that is loosely based on the life of the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette whom reigned 1774-1791.

Or maybe the film Belle, produced in 2013

Anything in common?

The clothes, the hair, but most importantly how the rooms look and the furniture! That is what we call Rococo Interior Design