The 3 lighting design basics

When thinking about revamping a room a key essential is the lighting. Natural light is important but its better to focus on the lighting that you can control. Here are the top three things to consider whilst planning out your new lighting

  1. Ambient Lighting

What is it? The backbone of lighting. It is the main source of light to the room. Achieved through overhead ceiling lights. Here are our top picks for types of ceiling lighting that provide the most light in style.


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Your main source of lighting for the room need to provide enough intensity to shine throughout the room. Chandelier styles come in many shapes and sizes now and aren't limited to only chains and crystals like what they used to be. Modern ceiling hanging lights come is a variety of styles from minimalist to near art form.

2. Task Lighting

Moving onto our second recommendation for lighting in your home is task lighting. As the name expresses; this type of lighting is important whilst doing certain things in your daily schedule that require a refined light to allow your eyes to focus better at the task at hand. These are all over your home for when you cook, whilst you are at your desk, reading on the couch and most hobby activities.


3. Accent Lighting

Our last recommendation is to add in accent lighting. Accent lighting adds in a extra emphasis to objects or areas of the room through the use of lights. This emphasis is used to focus on parts of the house that may showcase pieces of art, either bought or made, bookcases or shelves. To think of it another way accent lighting can also be thought of as light decoration. You can use extra lighting to add to the ambiance of the room. Using lights that have dimmers can significantly help with this.


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