Why Mango Wood?


Going through the motions, our earth is rapidly dying around us. Though we can't stop ourselves from consuming but we can choose what and how we consume material products around us.  A top priority at our company is to be responsible producers and to contribute to being sustainable in the environment.  Which is the main reason we choose Mango Wood


Southeast Asia is home for mango trees,  the mango wood used in our products is sourced from the Northern Region on Thailand. In Mango fruit farming, the trees are being constantly pruned and thinned to keep trees at a certain height and also to bear more fruit.  The wood cut from the mango trees become optimal material for sustainable products.

Why Mango wood?

Mango wood is a dense and strong wood, also called hardwood or solid wood. The wood has straight or curly grains with usually golden brown or yellowish color

Mango wood is sustainable. Mentioned a bit briefly above as mango fruit is in high demand all over the world, the trees are too to grow the fruit. Mango trees grow quickly and bear fruit in 3-4 years.  They can grow to extreme heights and thus are cut every fruiting season to keep heights under control and easier for harvesting fruit.

mangowooditemsMango wood  identifies as hardwood, making it substantial for kitchenware, which is our main line of products with mango wood. Though identifies as hard wood,  in fact it is not as hard or tough to work with, rather mango wood is soft to cut and give shapes and is a good choice for detailed and complex designs on the wood. Mango wood is strong but light in weight, so it is an ideal wood for large furniture pieces. Natural pattern and color of the wood are additional features to the strength of the mango wood. Mango wood have high water resistance, thus are perfect choice of wood for outdoor furniture.

Mango wood products need very minimal attention. Just avoid direct sunlight or submerging completely in water. Using a wood wax made from natural ingredients applied onto the item, then thoroughly washed off can provide a layer of protection and maintain the product to last longer.