roro 12 Inch Handcarved Circular Wood Cake and Pie Stand Display with Bark

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This fantastic piece is carved from a single piece of wood, making it a unique and quality item. For a perfect rustic look, the outer bark of this wood has been kept on. This item was painstakingly carved from a sustainable orchard wood, ensuring that trees that can no longer bear fruit are given a second life in your home or kitchen. The underside gently curves toward a base, allowing you to place your hands comfortably under the stand to move it.

Please do not clean in a dishwasher and do not submerge for more than a few seconds when cleaning. Letting the platter dry naturally is best. For best results, follow care instructions for a cutting board and oil every six months. Please keep in mind that no two items are alike and you can expect small variations (not more than 10%) in the items shape and diameter