roro 3-compartment Wood Boat Tray with Bark Edges, 16 Inch

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The most beautiful compartment tray and sauce boat you'll find

Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard? Or perhaps green salsa, red salsa, and a dab of guacamole? How about 3 kinds of nuts? What more fun could be had to displaying this than on a carefully hand-carved serving boat? This is an incredibly versatile conversation piece, a functional work of art, and you can use it to serve everything from sauce to candy, or perhaps as a catchall - to hold onto loose change.

From a line of master artisans...
Made by RoRo, these custom designed pieces are not mass-produced factory pieces as each piece of wood has to be selected and carved just right. The wood still contains the bark of the tree, adding that wonderful natural and freeform look and feel. The wood is then dried in an oven using the remaining wood chips as fuel, allowing for the wood to dry out evenly, while not wasting any of the already chipped away wood. Finally the interior is sanded and coated with a food-safe finish. Please note that the tree bark itself may have color variations - that's perfectly natural. Parts of the bark may appear lighter, other parts darker. If you want to give a shine to the natural bark you can rub a small amout of olive oil on the bark.
  • Perfect for appetizers, candy, dips and sauces, or just for decoration
  • Please hand-wash only and do not use in dishwasher.
  • 100% Hand-carved, so no two pieces are exactly alike. Free form from sustainable orchard wood - no forest trees were cut
  • Food Safe Finish. Simply brush Lightly with olive oil or our roro branded wax to add shine and keep it looking vibrant!
  • Sanded bark top for a rustic and all-natural look; this divided piece works well with almost any decor style
  • Dimensions are approx 16 in x 4in x 2.5 in