roro 5 Inch Wood Branch Utensil Container and Stationary Holder with Bark

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Pencil holder? Planter? Kitchen Utensil Holder?
Absolutely, yes! This is the perfect desk or table accessory for your pens and pencils. There is a slight rounded taper at the top to which adds a dramatic edge and showcases the quality of the craftsmanship. This also works great for holding napkins, breadsticks, or even for small plants. You'll also be pleased to note that this piece comes from a mango tree too old to be fruit bearing, one which we have sustainably harvested to provide your home or office with some much needed functional decor.
  • 4d" x 5h"
  • Handcarved from a section of orchard grown mango-wood branch; with bark
  • Made in a small workshop that employs fewer than 20 people
  • Perfect holder for stationary: pens, pencils, candies, paper clips, rubber bands,or as shelf decor
  • Works well as a planter for small plants and succulents
  • Please hand-clean only. Do not get wet.