roro Ceramic Stoneware Black Speckled Hand-Molded Dinner Plate Pair

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Presentation is 50% . . .
. . . and we have you covered here. Imagine a tastefully arranged spaghetti carbonara one one of these plates, or a salmon steak on leafy greens. The rough texture of the plate adds another dimension to your meal, bringing out the earthiness and is especially complementing to natural looking foods. Even microwave a day old pizza slice on this roro plate, and it will still look better!

Hand-thrown - simple, yet elegant
There's something about a hand-made item that makes it automatically more intimate, and luxurious. This plate is hand-crafted form kaolin clay unearthed from Thailand's famous deposits in Lampang Province. This stoneware has been twice-fired in our kilns. After the first firing, our artisans carefully hand-apply the beautiful designs that add so much character to these plates. It is without a doubt, a piece of functional art that you will cherish for years to come.