RoRo Classic Wood Charger Set of 4, Whitewash Stain (14 Inch)

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The perfect accent piece for outdoor, tented, or rustic themed events…
Wedding? Birthday? Anniversary? Or special evening? This classic wood charger is spectacular against cloth, and works well to supplement ceramic or other wood pieces. It is a well crafted wood charger, perfect for the semi-formal and formal event where it is appropriate to layer serveware. And of course, it is finished with a water-based food-safe finish if you wish to serve directly off of it.

  • 14 Inch diameter x 7/8 Inch high; 4 chargers included
  • Classic Plate Shaped with 6 inch wide depression
  • Lightly stained for a classic white-wash look
  • Charger set comes boxed in roro branded packaging for a gift-friendly presentation
  • Your roro charger plate has been completed with a shellac (organic resin) and water based finish for a light sheen. Shellac is all natural, and is often used in food glazes.
  • Please hand-wash this item only. Never use in a dishwasher as this will degrade the wood over time. Never microwave this item, or use in an over. We recommend a light oiling or waxing every 6 months, or more frequently if used often. This will best protect your wood, and was especially plugs in scratches left by knifes.