roro Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Divided Dinner Plate - Two Tone Speckled Ocean Blue & White Spot Design (Set of 2)

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  • 10.5 Inches Wide; Set of 2; Super-cool handmade ceramic stoneware dinner plates. They're a good-sized 10.5 inches across, and this set of 2 features an awesome two-tone dipped style in a punchy cobalt blue and a speckled white. Trust us, these plates will make your mealtime a fun and colorful experience!
  • Microwave-safe, oven-safe (300 F), and dishwasher safe; These beauties are a breeze to clean — they're durable, can handle heat in the oven up to 300°F, and you can pop them straight into the dishwasher. And guess what? The glaze is lead-free and cadmium-free, going above and beyond the California Proposition 65 standards. So, no stress, just pure enjoyment!
  • Plate like a Pro: These plates are your best pals! They've got a neat dividing line between the white and blue halves, making your food pop and your plating look like a million bucks. It's like having an Instagram filter right there on your plate!
  • Even though these plates have got some serious restaurant-grade quality, they're super friendly for everyday use. Their just-right size is perfect for small to medium portions. So, whether you're whipping up a quick meal or showcasing your chef skills, these plates have got you covered.
  • These plates are the life of the party! Whether you're hosting a laid-back dinner at home, or setting a table at a restaurant, hotel, or bistro, these plates will bring a splash of charm and elegance to the occasion.
  • These plates are lovingly made in Thailand in a small artisanal studio. No factory production lines here, just good old traditional craftsmanship. Each plate is like a mini work of art for your kitchen — unique, high-quality, and full of character!