roro Handmade Ceramic Vase, Rustic Ivory-White Prunus Shape with Ear Handles, Medium Standing Vase for Home Decor, 7.5 Inches, Unglazed Bottom

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🌼 Timeless Elegance: The roro Handmade Ceramic Vase brings a touch of timeless beauty to your home with its classic Prunus shape and ear handles. Its rustic ivory-white finish offers a charming, antique look that compliments any interior décor.
🖐 Handcrafted Individuality: Standing at 7.5 inches tall, with a mouth measuring 3.5 inches across, this vase broadens to 6 inches including the whimsical 1.5-inch ears, and tapers to a 2.5-inch base. Each vase is handcrafted with care, resulting in unique variations that ensure no two pieces are exactly alike
🌱 Sustainable Decor: Committed to eco-friendly practices, the roro vase is crafted with safe, glazed materials, ensuring both the well-being of the environment and a durable, lasting addition to your home décor collection.
🏡 Versatile Home Accent: Perfect for creating a focal point in living rooms, hallways, or bedrooms, this vase's neutral palette and medium size make it an adaptable accessory for a wide range of home styles and color schemes.
🖌️ Artisan Crafted: Each vase is a unique expression of art, handcrafted in a small studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand, supporting local artisans with every piece sold.