roro Mango Wood Hand-Cut Concave Vase Made from Sustainable Orchard Wood

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Stunning Modern Design

This is a gorgeous hand-carved roro 10 inch tall Wooden Concave Vase was made in the Northern Thai province of Chiang Mai, by a small workshop of fewer than 20 people. It was hand cut from a single block of mango wood, taken sustainably from local orchards from trees no longer able to bear fruit. The grooves and cuts are painstakingly carved out, creating an absolutely stunning vase.

  • 10" tall x 6" base
  • 100% handcut from a single piece of amber colored mango wood
  • This flower or decorative vase is great as a mantle piece, or on a coffee / side table
  • Each piece is slightly different; you have a 100% unique piece
  • Modern decor piece, but works with several styles including minimalist, tropical, Scandinavian, bohemian and more
  • Please use a insert when placing flowers / plants in water. (Note: a cut off water bottle works just fine!)