roro Rectangular End-Grain Acacia Kitchen Wood Cutting Board and Block with Groove, 16 inch

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This is a gorgeous cutting board
And we mean it. As much art as design, you will love this board. Designed in a checkerboard fashion alternating between lighter, softer edge-wood and harder, darker "heartwood" of acacia, this rectangular cutting board is not only made 100% sustainably from plantation wood, but it's also fully end-grain. The board features a liquid groove and collection point, preventing messy spills on your counter and allowing for easy draining. It's durable 1.5" thickness will mean you can cut through harder materials such as bone on this board as well with a small cleaver.

  • 16 x 12 x 1.5 Inches thick acacia wooden board with border juice grooves and cut-in handles for easy carrying
  • Features a liquid collection groove and easy-drain collection point
  • 100% endgrain wood is best for the longevity of your knives
  • Made from alternating darker and lighter shades of sustainable plantation grown acacia wood
  • Use as a butcher block, meal preparation station, cutting board, or serving board
  • Please hand-clean only and do not submerge for more than a few seconds at a time